We are a couple, married with one child. We love each other….We do pretty good together…We are trying to start of new business together…..and that is when we noticed that we have certain walls between us that only came up with the creating and working on this new business. We did not have time to spend working through it in normal manner. Mr. Steve was able to to “do his Magic” (and I really mean that) and unlock each of our magical senses…..We found out that we do create a great business partnership….but we had to understand and get past our blocks in being honest with each other like we are in our personal life and marriage. We are now on our way. We do appreciate the ever-so-interesting method Mr.Steve uses to define a situation and what we can do about it. We chose 4 sessions and it was perfect. We plan to Zoom with Mr. Steve again soon to follow up on a few things.