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Unlocking Your
Personal Magical
Sense With Hypnotherapy

Mr. Steve is providing sessions for “UNLOCKING YOUR PERSONAL MAGICAL SENSE” and other metaphysical and philosophical work via ZOOM and/or TELECONFERENCES.

Unlocking Your Personal Magical Sense is a very exciting and joyful experience. The result of what you have learned and how you have changed can be very powerful for you to use out in the world as you live you daily lives.

This method of unlocking your personal magical sense is available only through the sessions held with Mr. Steve.

Payment for session(s) must be made after booking date and prior to actual ZOOM appointment. Refunds are given if any cancellation is at least 24 hours before the set appointment time.

What To Expect From Your Hypnotherapy Session With Mr. Steven Rosebaugh, A Certified Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles


A virtual hypnotherapy session, conducted remotely using video conferencing or other online platforms, can offer many similar benefits to an in-person session. Here’s what you can generally expect from a virtual hypnotherapy session:


  1. Initial consultation: Like with any therapeutic session, the process usually begins with an initial consultation. During this time, you and the hypnotherapist will discuss your goals, concerns, and any relevant personal information. It’s an opportunity for the hypnotherapist to understand your needs and customize the session accordingly. This can be done via email or telephone conversations.
  2. Technical setup: Since the session is virtual, you’ll need to ensure you have a stable internet connection and a device capable of video communication. You need to have Zoom set up and be familiar with how Zoom works, and ready to go!
  3. Relaxation and induction: Once the session begins, the certified hypnotherapist, Mr. Steve, will guide you into a relaxed state. The therapist will lead you through some short breathing exercises and calming meditation. If it becomes known through the therapist that there are individual client’s spirit guides present, then they will be invited in to the session to gain their wisdom, knowledge, and support for the client in achieving the goal for this particular hypnotherapy session(s). Mr. Steve always encourages the presence of Spirit Guides.
  4. Suggestions and therapy: Once you’re in a state of deep relaxation, the hypnotherapist will provide therapeutic suggestions tailored to your specific goals. A discussion will take place between you and the hypnotherapist that involves Mr. Steve’s distinct METHOD. These discussions and suggestions can help reframe negative thoughts, encourage positive behaviors, or address specific issues you wish to overcome through these sessions. Mr. Steve may also employ techniques like guided imagery or visualization to enhance the therapeutic experience. Mr. Steve’s hypnotherapy sessions can be very transformational and spiritual.
  5. Deepening and reinforcement: Throughout the session, the hypnotherapist will continually use the techniques of Mr. Steve’s METHOD to ensure a more profound impact. Mr. Steve may repeat key suggestions or use reinforcement techniques to strengthen the therapeutic suggestions in your subconscious mind.
  6. Conclusion and debriefing: Toward the end of the session, the hypnotherapist will guide you out of the meditative and relaxed state and back to a fully awake and alert state of mind. Mr. Steve may offer some time for you to discuss your experience, share any insights, or ask questions. He might also provide post-session instructions or recommendations to support your progress. Any further sessions that both the client and Mr. Steve agree upon can be set up at this time. Mr. Steve always offers a set of positive affirmations that will be sent to the client upon request, addressing the issue discussed in the hypnotherapy session(s).

Mr. Steve Offers Hypnotherapy Sessions Priced As Follows:

1 hour Session $350
90 minute Session $450
2 hour Session $650
Package of 4 hourly Sessions, or 2 two-hour Sessions $1,100
Package of 6 hourly Sessions or 3 two-hour Sessions $1,500

If you would like to pay by Zelle, please contact Mr. Steve directly for quick payment instructions: servisionnow@gmail.com