Poetry by 

Mr. Steve

Steven Rosebaugh

Inspirational Influencer

Winter 2024


In the garden of self, seeds of change I sow,

Watered by purpose, determination’s glow.

Each step forward, a bloom of new chance,

Self-improvement’s dance, a joyful advance.

In the soil of introspection, roots entwine,

A tapestry of growth, a journey divine.

Nurturing resilience, through each trial,

Blossoming strength, mile after mile.


Sunrise whispers secrets, a tale of rebirth,

In every dawn, find the courage of self-worth.

Embrace the journey, learn from every fall,

Joy blooms in resilience, in standing tall.

Golden hues paint the sky, a canvas unfurls,

Life’s tapestry woven with fate’s twirls.

Harvesting hope from the fields of strife,

In the garden of challenges, cultivate life.


A canvas of dreams, paint strokes of hope,

Self-discovery’s masterpiece, a boundless scope.

With each mistake, a brush of reflection,

Positive hues, a colorful resurrection.

Palette of emotions, vast and bright,

In the gallery of life, exhibit your light.

Bold strokes of courage, shades of grace,

A portrait of growth, an evolving embrace.


Like a river’s flow, life’s currents may change,

Yet within, a spirit resilient and strange.

Take action, navigate the bends and turns,

In the waves of challenge, the soul yearns.

Rapids of fear, calm waters of peace,

Navigating adversity, find sweet release.

Flowing towards purpose, swift and steady,

A river of dreams, in currents heady.


Beneath the moon’s soft, guiding light,

Self-love blooms, a flower in the night.

Cultivate kindness, water the seeds,

In joy’s embrace, the heart truly leads.

Moonbeams weave stories in the night,

Self-compassion, a soothing light.

Petals unfold, embracing the dark,

In the garden of self, leave a lasting mark.


A symphony of effort, notes of persistence,

Compose the melody of self-assistance.

In the echoes of trials, find the refrain,

A positive attitude, a resilient gain.

Strings of determination, play with might,

Harmony of progress, in the symphony of fight.

Brass of resilience, a triumphant blast,

Each note, a step closer to self at last.


Mountains of doubt, valleys of fear,

Yet with each step, the path becomes clear.

Ascend towards purpose, climb with might,

Self-improvement’s summit, a joyous sight.

On the peak of challenges, stand tall,

Breathe in courage, let doubts fall.

View from the summit, a panoramic grace,

Self-discovery, a journey to embrace.


Seeds of action, planted with intent,

In the soil of discipline, dreams ferment.

Growth whispers softly, through effort’s song,

A chorus of progress, where you belong.

Cultivate discipline, a garden of might,

Harvesting dreams, glowing bright.

Through the seasons of work and play,

In the fields of progress, pave your way.


In the realm of change, be the architect,

Build bridges of courage, self-respect.

Forge ahead, break through the walls,

Positive transformation, as the spirit calls.

Blueprints of resilience, construction of will,

Brick by brick, a fortress to instill.

Courage the cornerstone, walls may sway,

Yet in self-improvement, find your way.


Rays of optimism pierce the darkest night,

In the cocoon of challenges, emerge with might.

Metamorphose, transform, take flight,

Self-improvement’s wings, a radiant light.

Cocoon of struggles, a transformative space,

Embrace the metamorphosis, find your grace.

Wings unfurl, in the dawn’s glow,

Soar through self-improvement, let joy grow.


Amidst the storm, find calm within,

In the dance of chaos, let self-love begin.

Weather the tempest, with a heart’s reflection,

Joy arises from inner resurrection.

Thunder may roar, lightning may strike,

Yet within, a calm, a refuge alike.

Dance through chaos, find the peace,

In self-love’s embrace, find release.


A garden of possibilities, tend with care,

Weave dreams into reality, a tapestry rare.

In the symphony of life, play your own tune,

Self-improvement’s anthem, under the moon.

Weavers of destiny, threads of desire,

In the loom of time, dreams transpire.

Tapestries woven, with purpose and glee,

A masterpiece of self, under the moon’s decree.