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What is your experience in understanding how being more positive in your daily life really works? And does it really work?

Definition:The state or quality of being positive…..being definite

(excludes speculation)

Synonym:More than certainty…….but having trust, calmness

Looking on the bright side@

 AThe glass is one-half full@ attitude

Being in the state of POSITIVISM…..being positive is so refreshing.  All aspects of daily life can be viewed through rose-colored glasses, i.e., having a more positive outlook, if you choose to do so.  Of course some situations or circumstances may not be conducive to thinking or feeling positive while in that confining state of emotion, fear or the like, but an attempt is always available to use in any moment……and in many situations being or even becoming more positive can indeed change the current conditions and most likely the outcome to a more favorable one.   And this just may be because of your new positive thought pattern in seeing or observing a condition or situation differently than before……is creating or manifesting a new result! 

It is very similar in how it works to Self-Hypnosis.   You train yourself to focus your thoughts more in a direction of positive ones and attempt to maintain that focus as long as you can and as deep as you can…….hypnotizing yourself to focus and throwing to the side the little Amind chatter@ that wants to get in the way.

In my experience, I have tried many avenues of thought or techniques in trying to understand how to become positive more often and especially in how to sustain such thoughts and feelings of being more positive or looking on the bright side over a period of time, or at least more often.   Many have failed, but I was intent on changing my life to a more joyful and creative one, especially one that had ME at the helm and not controlled by negativity,  self-pity or being content in the way certain circumstances seem to be.  

I want to become more positive, so how can I sustain that positivity over a period of time?

I discovered a technique in how to become positive more often and especially how to sustain it of a period of time that works for me and it might just work for you.  

It is the feeling of JOY combined with the certainty that comes from an EXPECTATION that it will happen that SUSTAINS THE POSITIVE THOUGHT.   

This positive thought now has an energy associated with it.   You have a momentum in your thinking process that could possibly alter any circumstance or  outcome!!!   By saying that you EXPECT a certain result….combined with JOY in thinking about it and visualizing it, you have put positive vibes out (the process of manifesting) and the outcome will become altered.   The degree to which a result would be altered is directly related to the intensity of the Joy you are feeling combined with the level of belief you have in expecting it to happen!!   

This technique does work…..but it requires practice……Start small and see the results and then move to more important matters and see those results.

It may only be altered to the degree that you are seeing different options available to you ahead….now that you have a more positive outlook….it expands your thinking process and can bring you out of being stuck in that dark pool of negative thoughts or just feeling immobile as to what to do next in any given situation.  You need to raise your energy level.  The increased energy level that is a direct result of the combination of JOY and EXPECTATION.

SO TRY IT…..   Look at a situation, event or condition you would like to feel less negative about or want to effect the outcome of……..   FEEL THE JOY that surrounds the outcome you are desiring.   EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN with certainty.    AND FEEL THE STATE OF POSITIVISM being sustained….towards that condition or situation…..

You will indeed have a smile on your face!

This sustained state of positivism can be utilized in all areas of your daily life, including personal affairs, business matters, or even just small daily adventures.


Mr. Steve

Steven Rosebaugh, Certified Hypnotherapist


March, 2023