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The Power of HABITS

Unraveling the Impact of Good and Bad Habit’s on Your Development and Happiness

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July, 2023 Mr. Steven Rosebaugh

Certified Hypnotherapist andMetaphysical Counselor


 Habits are the invisible threads that shape our lives. They are the automatic behaviors and routines we engage in on a daily basis, impacting our thoughts, actions, and overall well-being. Whether consciously or unconsciously formed, habits have a significant influence on our personal development, success, and joy in life. This essay aims to explore the definition of habits, the distinction between good and bad habits, and their respective effects on one’s momentum, daily joy, overcoming obstacles, and achieving success. 

     Additionally, we will delve into techniques for eliminating bad habits and creating new, positive habits to lead a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Mr. Steven Rosebaugh (Mr.  Steve), Certified Hypnotherapist and Metaphysical Counselor is a strong believer in the power that HABITS can have over an individual.  His counseling service (Unlockingyourmagicalsense.com) is uniquely structured to assist anyone that is ready to change up the habits that are slowing you down or blocking your progression into more adventurous and joyful arenas of your life.

Definition of HABITS

     Habits can be defined as recurring behaviors, actions, or patterns that become ingrained over time through frequent repetition. They are deeply rooted in the human psyche and are often driven by cues, routines, and rewards. These cues trigger the habit loop, leading to the performance of the routine, which ultimately results in the reward. As habits become more established, they require less cognitive effort, becoming almost automatic responses to specific situations or triggers. 

      Smaller recurring habits easily are a intrinsic part of one’s daily living, but larger habits that occur in significant areas of ones’ life can almost be disabilitating, or the very least, resulting in unwanted repeat behaviors.

The Distinction Between Good and Bad Habits

Not all habits are created equal. Some habits contribute positively to our lives, while others hinder our growth and happiness. 

     Good habits are those that align with our goals, values, and well-being, leading to positive outcomes. Examples include regular exercise, healthy eating, reading, and practicing gratitude. 

     On the other hand, bad habits are detrimental to our physical, mental, or emotional health and often deviate from our intended path. These can include smoking, excessive consumption of unhealthy foods, procrastination, and especially negative self-talk.  With many of our habits we are like in “automatic drive mode” where the habit itself is in control and we just continue to go along.    One needs to pay attention to that and eliminate those habits and create stronger and more positive ones.

The Need for Refining Bad Habits

     Bad habits can have a profound impact on various aspects of life. They hinder momentum by keeping individuals stuck in unproductive or harmful cycles. For instance, chronic procrastination can prevent someone from pursuing their aspirations, leading to missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential. 

   Bad habits also negatively affect daily joy and excitement of daily living, as they may lead to stress, guilt, or dissatisfaction.  The “joy of living” attitude can be diminished and we become followers of our habits and their influence, rather than the instigator and leader of our habits to influence more positively.

    Furthermore, they become significant roadblocks to personal growth, preventing individuals from overcoming challenges and evolving into their best selves. Ultimately, bad habits hinder success, as they impede progress toward one’s goals and objectives.

Techniques for Eliminating Bad Habits

     Mr. Steve suggests several steps to identify and then eliminate bad habits, or to at the very least be more consciously aware of them.

1. Self-awareness: The first step in eliminating bad habits is to identify and acknowledge them. Self-awareness allows individuals to recognize the triggers that lead to these habits and the subsequent rewards that reinforce them.

2. Replace with positive alternatives: To overcome bad habits, it is essential to replace them with healthier and more beneficial alternatives. For example, substituting junk food with nutritious snacks or taking short breaks during work to avoid burnout.

3. Gradual change: Trying to eliminate bad habits all at once can be overwhelming and often leads to failure. Instead, adopt a gradual approach, focusing on one habit at a time (no matter how small or insignificant it may seem), allowing for better adaptation and lasting change.

4. Accountability and support: Enlist the help of friends, family, or support groups to hold you accountable and provide encouragement throughout your journey of breaking bad habits.

    Also, Mr. Steve recommends you keep a journal of listing the bad habits you desire to change and then note the progress of gradually changing them.   Keep yourself updated….Be in control !!  Life is meant to be dominated and taking control of you bad habits is a step in the right direction indeed.

Techniques for Creating New Habits

     Mr. Steve recommends that you work in conjunction with changing your bad habits with the wonderful process of creating new habits.  What a wonderful adventure this is going to be!

1. Start small: Begin with tiny, manageable habits that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. This approach allows for a sense of achievement and builds momentum towards more significant changes.  You are beginning to take control and you will see the immediate results.

2. Set clear goals: Define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for the new habits you want to form. Having a clear target helps maintain focus and motivation.  Keep track of these steps and results in your journal.  Celebrate!!

3. Consistency and repetition: Repetition is the key to habit formation. Consistent practice is the desired behavior until it becomes automatic.  You then will realize that this is fun and  resulting in so much joy and just a all around better healthy outlook in your daily living.

4. Habit stacking: Pair the new habit with an existing one to create a chain reaction. This technique capitalizes on the strength of existing habits to foster the development of new ones.

The Effects of Good Habits on Joy in Life

Good habits play a pivotal role in fostering joy and contentment in life. When individuals engage in positive routines that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being, they experience increased levels of happiness and fulfillment. For example, regular exercise releases endorphins, reducing stress and elevating mood. Healthy eating habits provide the body with essential nutrients, leading to increased energy and overall vitality. Furthermore, practicing gratitude and mindfulness cultivates a positive mindset, leading to a greater appreciation for life’s blessings.


Habits are the building blocks of our lives, shaping our experiences and determining our level of success and happiness. Distinguishing between good and bad habits is crucial, as it allows us to refine negative patterns and adopt positive behaviors that lead to a more fulfilling life. Eliminating bad habits requires self-awareness, persistence, and support, while creating new habits necessitates setting clear goals, consistency, and repetition. Embracing good habits enhances daily joy, fuels personal growth, and paves the way towards a successful and contented life. By harnessing the power of habits, individuals can unlock their full potential and achieve a sense of fulfillment that knows no bounds.

In other words, joie de vivre…………………….the joy of living…….can be more attainable and new wonderful adventures and experiences will be coming into your life.    Life is meant to be dominated and you are on your way…..eliminating one bad habit at a time !!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Steve


Certified Hypnotherapist,

Metaphysical Counselor

and Success Coach